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Fraserside believes that people belong when they have a home. Our social housing programs and services are targeted to those who have low income, who are homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness. A number of our social housing programs also support tenants to meet their goals by connecting them to community resources in education, health, employment, and life skills and transition planning.

Our social housing programs include:


“I appreciate having a roof over my head. It is important because I wouldn’t have anywhere to go. It has positive meaning for me.”

“This place saved my life. I was homeless for 10 years. Now I have a warm bed to come home to. I feel like I now am part of a community that accepts me for who I am.”

“I was living at a shelter for four months before moving to Peterson Place. I have been able to overcome a huge issue in my life. One of my biggest challenges was transitioning from being homeless to having a good home. It shows that people can overcome their problems with effort as well as help and resources. Fraserside really cares.”