Testimonials from people whose lives have been touched by Fraserside:

“Seeing the difference we made in the life of the person served, truly fulfills me like nothing else in my life. Hearing from the person I serve saying, “I’m living the best life now,” is worth giving every ounce of hard work and giving my very best, to care for him. It’s a transformative experience. And I couldn’t have done it without my coordinator, supportive family of the person served and Fraserside Community Services Society team.”

“What stands out in our experience with Fraserside is the excellent staff in our son’s group home. It was a pleasure to see the staff connect with him; they clearly enjoyed his company. The staff took him on special outings such as music concerts and holiday trips, which we were not able to do. It was important for us to know that there is an agency like Fraserside that cared for our son.”

“Fraserside helped me to get a suite here. It made the transition easy. Fraserside helped me out of a difficult no-win situation. The staff are approachable and willing to help at any time.”

“I like to go out into the community to do my newspaper job and make money. I also like to go downtown. It lets me save money for vacations and for presents for my family.”

“Staff at Bolivar have been supportive and helped me get a bus pass, connect to the food bank and attend a club house.”

“I was overweight. Every day my worker asked me if I had done my walk. When I hadn’t, he said he would walk with me, so I didn’t miss a day. I have lost weight with his encouragement.”

“I appreciate having a roof over my head. It is important because I wouldn’t have anywhere to go. It has positive meaning for me.”

“This place saved my life. I was homeless for 10 years. Now I have a warm bed to come home to. I feel like I now am part of a community that accepts me for who I am.”

“I was living at a shelter for four months before moving to Peterson Place. I have been able to overcome a huge issue in my life. One of my biggest challenges was transitioning from being homeless to having a good home. It shows that people can overcome their problems with effort as well as help and resources. Fraserside really cares.”

“I finally completed detox, after three unsuccessful attempts. I’m judgmental enough of myself without having to worry about others’ judgments. I have received the acceptance from Fraserside I never found before. It actually is fun to come to Fraserside.”

“One time, they had a party for me at Horizons. I got to buy new clothes and everybody took pictures of me and told me I looked great. I felt good and stood tall and smiled.”

“When I first moved into the community from a facility for men, I did not expect to be given furniture, bedding and appliances. Fraserside gave me these and it actually helped me out a lot. It showed strong team effort by the staff.”

"For our son’s birthday party, the staff at the home ensured that he had a great celebration. They arranged to have a live musician, and invited friends from other homes. Staff who were off shift came to wish him a happy birthday. It was wonderful to see him surrounded by love, rocking out to the electric guitar and enjoying himself."