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Assisting individuals with disabilities on their path to employment success.

Fraserside’s Supported Employment program is a boutique service that provides extensive, focused attention to each job seeker, from the point of inquiry to long after the job placement.

We take time to discover the strengths, interests and ideal employment conditions of each unique job seeker. We then search for, or develop, an appropriate job with a local, inclusive employer. Individuals do real work for real pay.

Our diligent team has 11 years of combined experience providing job seekers with: pre-job skill assessment and training, job application and interview support, and on-the-job training and liaising with the employer.

Our service is free and available to job seekers who meet the following criteria:

  • referred by Community Living BC
  • age 19 years or older
  • able to work independently once the initial training period is complete
  • able to travel independently to and from place of employment
For more information or to discuss opportunities, call 604-526-6811 Ext 1 or email

Placement Examples

Jeremy works as a library page at a public library in Burnaby. He has worked there since October 2016. From his employer: “It has been a great learning experience to work with Jeremy and to have the support of Dominic and Jeremy’s family. Jeremy continues to grow in his role and has become part of the team.” Daniel works as a general labourer at a paper product manufacturing facility in Delta. He has worked there since June 2016. From his employer: “Daniel brings with him a reliable, consistent work ethic every day and an overall great attitude that makes fellow employees want to work with him.” Lauren works as a lobby attendant at a fast food restaurant in Coquitlam. She has worked there since June 2018. From her supported employment specialist: “Lauren enjoys the part-time schedule of this job, as it fits well with her other work and sports commitments. When looking for a new job for her, it was very important that it would work with her schedule.”

About Our Team

"I have a passion for meeting new people and helping others discover their potential for success.  Everyone has a talent and special skills and I enjoy helping individuals identify their strengths while building on skills to eventually reach their employment goals." -Mars, Fraserside Employment Specialist

For more information or to discuss opportunities, call 604-526-6811 Ext 1 or email