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Helping local employers create unique staffing solutions.

Fraserside’s Supported Employment program is a boutique service that provide local employers with trusted referrals to work-ready individuals with disabilities.

We spend significant time getting to know our employers, their unique staffing needs, and their employment environment. We only refer potential employees who are a fit. We also provide pre- and post-placement training to the individuals we refer, as well as orientation and integration, to ensure ongoing success.

Our diligent team has 11 years of combined experience providing employers and their staff with: information and training about inclusive hiring principles and practices, on-the-job training customized to the employer, employee and other staff, and other liaising needs as required.

Our service is free.

For more information or to discuss opportunities, contact Crystal Edwards (604-617-6837,

Benefits of Inclusive Hiring

There is much evidence and literature available about why inclusive hiring is good for business. This article by Harvard University states:

  • “The composition of your workforce speaks to your company’s identity. [Inclusive hiring] tells your customers, employees, and other stakeholders that your organization cares about diversity and about having an environment that is accessible to all.”
  • “An estimated 10 to 15 percent of the population has some kind of disability. That’s a huge segment of the hiring pool with talents you will miss out on if you can’t figure out how to accommodate their differences.”

Hiring inclusively can also lead to reduced staff turnover, increased staff morale and productivity, increased customer loyalty, and positive corporate profile.

We have found that the most successful inclusive employers are professional and willing to accommodate employees in ways that make sense for their business.

About Our Team

"I like getting to know about the needs of individual businesses.” - Anne, Fraserside Employment Specialist since 2014

“I’m like a match-maker for businesses and individuals, trying to create great long-term employment relationships." - Dominic, Fraserside Employment Specialist since 2013

For more information or to discuss opportunities, contact Crystal Edwards (604-617-6837,