Diversity – We respect and celebrate our differences.

Respect – We value the humanity that is in all of us. The rest is detail.

Strength Focused – We seek to discover people’s strengths, assets and gifts to create positive solutions.

Person Centred – We view people as the best authority on their experience and as being fully capable of fulfilling their potential.


Integrity – We bring our values to our practice; we walk the talk.

Trust – We do what we say we are going to do.

Accountability – We are responsible to fulfill our commitments now and into the future through good stewardship.

Compassion and Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility – We advocate toward social change, based on our belief that society is better for the engagement of all people.

Compassion – Compassion motivates us to strive to help. We feel deeply the suffering of others.

Collaboration – We work together to find solutions.

Communities of Belonging

Belonging – People thrive when they belong in relationships to individuals, groups and communities.

Reciprocity – Relationships that are based on reciprocity and mutuality, honor the participants of those relationships.

Eco-systems – We take into consideration the entire system that forms each person’s context.

Contribution – Our sense of well-being is significantly determined by the contributions we make.