Fraserside’s Children Who Witness Abuse (CWWA) program provides group and individual counselling to children who have been affected by witnessing the abuse of a parent or caregiver.

Our program provides a children’s support group, individual counselling, education and consultation.

 Fraserside’s CWWA counselor will

  • Help children identify, understand and appropriately express the feelings they experienced about the violence they witnessed
  • Help children understand that they are not responsible for the abuse they witnessed
  • Teach children safety skills, strategies and non-violent conflict resolution skills
  • Promote positive relationships between parent/caregiver and child

 Admission Criteria

  • Your child is between the ages of four and 18 years
  • Your child has been exposed to the abuse of a parent or caregiver
  • Your child is in a place of physical and emotional safety
  • Your child will receive support from a parent or caregiver through the counselling process

 CWWA Camping Program

Children who’ve participated with CWWA have opportunities to engage in fun, social activities where they practice their interpersonal skills. Fraserside’s CWWA counsellors lead outings with the children. They encourage the children’s social and personal success in an informal setting.

You can refer your child/children by contacting CWWA at 604-522-3722, ext. 118.