June 2, 2021

Message from Lynda Edmonds, CEO Fraserside Community Services Society:

"Today, we stand by our Indigenous colleagues, persons served, friends and all Indigenous People. We wear orange in recognition of your grief and in hope for a different future. We feel your hurt and anguish from the discovery of the remains of 215 children who died in the Kamloops Residential School.  
Fraserside is committed to learning the Truth described in Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Project. We know that Fraserside is only just beginning to embark on this journey. But with each profound change, we start with a single step.
June 2 is Red Shirt Day.  It is a Day of Action for AccessAbility and Inclusion.  People across Canada come together today to wear red to create a visible display of solidarity.
Fraserside wears orange and red to show our commitment to truth and reconciliation and our support towards creating a fully accessible and inclusive society"