Fraserside has surpassed their fundraising goal of $40,000 to purchase a new truck for the Mobile Work Crew! The New West-based non-profit is overwhelmed with gratitude to the 144 donors who supported the campaign during only one week of fundraising. After the story of the crew’s stolen truck earned both local and provincial media coverage, Fraserside experienced a flood of phone calls, mail and online donations.

“We are so grateful for the incredible response from the community,” says Lynda Edmonds, CEO of Fraserside. “The crew is thrilled that they will have a new truck in time for spring and will now have a reliable vehicle to take on jobs.”

Fraserside’s Mobile Work Crew is a social enterprise that benefits adults with developmental disabilities in the community. The program provides people who face employment barriers, the opportunity to participate in meaningful work, creating more inclusive communities. These individuals receive real pay for real work as well as experience a sense of responsibility and belonging in the community.

The Crew performs a variety of outdoor work such as landscaping, rubbish removal, power washing, recycling, grounds keeping, and maintenance, to serve the needs of customers throughout Metro Vancouver. Contact the Program Supervisor at 604-723-3439 to book the service.

All donations over the cost of the new vehicle will be put toward Fraserside’s highest priority needs to do the most good for the people they support.