Buy your holiday poinsettias & make a difference in the lives of adults living with disabilities Featured Image

Meet Ron. He is a kind, helpful gentleman in his 50s, who lives with a development disability. Ron is a dedicated member of Fraserside's Mobile Work Crew, a team made up of adults, who like Ron, are living with a developmental disability, but are also skilled labourers who contract with residents and businesses in New Westminster to perform a variety of outdoor work including landscaping, rubbish removal, power washing, recycling, grounds keeping and maintenance.

The Mobile Work Crew is a good fit for Ron because he enjoys the physical, routine tasks and team work of creating welcoming environments for his clients, and because he appreciates the support of his co-workers and friends. "Working with the Mobile Work Crew makes me feel supported and part of something bigger.”

Ron's favourite part of the job? "Delivering chocolates and flowers for the holidays."

While Ron enjoys the spirit of the holiday season, being outside in the cold and rainy weather in the winter months means he needs heavy duty gloves and work boots, essentials that he and the other members of the Mobile Work Crew must pay for themselves.

So this holiday season Ron and the crew are selling chocolates and poinsettias to raise funds for new clothing and equipment.

At Fraserside, we empower and enrich lives. We provide people with the tools and support needed to become active members in the community and foster a sense of belonging. By becoming a valued donor to our Mobile Works Crew, you are helping neighbours like Ron build self-confidence and the means to participate in fulfilling work.

Help Ron by purchasing your holiday gifts from the Mobile Work Crew. Download the order form and place your order by December 9th, 2019.

Want to help Ron without buying chocolates or poinsettias?

  • Donate directly to the Mobile Work Crew online here
  • Hire the Mobile Work Crew by contacting the supervisor
  • Donate online here to help Fraserside support Ron and others

Ron, the whole Mobile Work Crew and Fraserside thank you for your generosity and support!