The success of Fraserside would not be possible without the help of a highly dedicated and talented staff team.

"You Make the Difference" is a Fraserside staff recognition program where employees are recognized for any special efforts, actions or achievements that make a positive difference to a person we serve, co-worker or Fraserside as a whole.


Any Fraserside employee (full time, part-time, casual, union and non-union) ois eligible to receive “You Make the Difference" recognition.

Employees may be nominated by any member of the Fraserside community (management, employees, persons served, board member, parent or family member, volunteer or member of the public).

There is a limit of one name per nomination form but no limit to the number of forms a person may submit. 

Nomination process

Nomination forms can be downloaded here. Alternatively, hard copies can be obtained from Fraserside program sites.

Completed nomination forms are to be given to Sandie Gerrett, Human Resources Assistant via:

  • Mail to 330 – 550 Sixth Street, New Westminster, BC V3L 3B7 or
  • Fax to 604-522-1116 or
  • Email to

Recognition Process

Sandie Gerrett will prepare a "You Make the Difference" certificate and forward it for signature to Lynda Edmonds, Chief Executive Officer. The certificate will be passed to the supervisor of the recognized employee for presentation along with a small gift. Names of employees who have received certificates throughout the year will be announced at the Fraserside annual general meeting (AGM) in September, as well as via email to and under the “Employee Recognition” on the Employee Website.

Questions? Contact Sandie Gerrett, Human Resources Assistant, or 604-522-3722 Ext. 115