Mental Health and Counselling Featured Image

Fraserside is inspired to create communities of belonging. We provide a variety of services for individuals with mental health concerns. We offer opportunities to live in a supportive housing environment, and encourage wellness, greater independence, and participation in the community through volunteering, employment and leisure.

Our mental health programs include:


  • Bear Creek
  • Fraserdale
  • Calcutt House
  • Summit House
  • Delta House & Bridging Program
  • Ibsen (Social Housing)
  • Bolivar Court (Social Housing)


  • New Leaf Clubhouse


“Fraserside helped me to get a suite here. It made the transition easy. Fraserside helped me out of a difficult no-win situation. The staff are approachable and willing to help at any time.”

“I was overweight. Every day my worker asked me if I had done my walk. When I hadn’t, he said he would walk with me, so I didn’t miss a day. I have lost weight with his encouragement.”

Fraserside also offers counselling services for people who are dealing with or impacted by substance use issues, as well as for children who have witnessed domestic violence.

Our counselling programs include:

  • Perspectives Adult Addiction Services
  • Perspectives Youth & Family Outreach
  • Children Who Witness Abuse


“I finally completed detox, after three unsuccessful attempts. I’m judgmental enough of myself without having to worry about others’ judgments. I have received the acceptance from Fraserside I never found before. It actually is fun to come to Fraserside.”