Fraserside is proud to provide Home Share for adults with developmental or physical disabilities. We work closely with families in the community who wish to share their home and provide ongoing support. Fraserside aims to find the right match for each person – and family – who would like to participate in Home Share.

See Community Living BC’s Home Share standards for more information about the Home Share program.

Information for potential Home Share providers

Home Share providers are those who would like to open their homes, families and hearts to an individual with developmental and/or physical disabilities. Fraserside takes pride in contracting with incredible families who provide excellent care to our clients. Some families have been sharing their homes for more than 12 years. The satisfaction and personal gratification from being a Home Share provider are clearly evident.

Home Share Providers are independent contractors. They are responsible for the safety, support, care, supervision and general well-being of the individual placed in their home. Fraserside Home Share operates in compliance with Fraserside’s mission, service philosophy, values and polices.

  • Must make a long-term commitment to provide a residential placement and support for a suitably matched individual.
  • Will uphold the mission of the agency and have a like philosophy and values
  • Prior employment history and completed application form
  • Completed home study
  • Training and /or experience working with adults with a developmental disability
  • 3 references (relative/friend, business and former employer)
  • Criminal record check
  • Completed recruitment documents
  • Current first-aid certificate
  • Current non-violent crisis intervention certificate
  • Valid class 4 driver license desired
  • WorkSafeBC insurance coverage

“I decided to become a Home Share provider because my experience and resources have taught me the skills needed to provide support and care for the right person in our home. We have provided Home Share for six years and although we have had a few bumps in the road as a team, everyone involved has always had our person’s best interest at heart….making our experience rewarding and genuine.”

“We started our career as Home Share providers after we saw our neighbour taking wonderful care of a disabled young man. We thought that we could also help someone in need. Two years later that same young man came to us as a respite through Home Share. What a small world!”

“We believed that our family could provide a caring, nurturing and safe environment by sharing our home and providing support for a person with a disability. We learned that sharing is a challenging yet rewarding experience. A home share provider is dedicated to helping the individual enhance their life, and realise their dreams.”

”Home Share enables us to share our family life with someone who needs a home. Our experience has been amazing and we have a great relationship with the individual we support. It is very fulfilling work.”

Persons interested in providing a Home Share placement may submit their resume and cover letter to Fraserside Community Services Society, specifying interest and experience related to home share services.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to participate in screening, home study, and review of procedures and requirements.

For more information contact the Home Share Coordinator at 604-522-3722, ext. 109.